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Teaching 50 States with Books and Music

Teaching kids about the 50 States of the USA can be a fun way to show your kids all of the wonderfully unique places in the US.

I found 3 resources that had my kids excited about learning our states’ history!

As always, we first started with 2 books that are prefect for quick and focused state study.

50 States Research Activities

While it is great for kids to read about the states of the US, we all know that kids are more likely to remember if they actually use the information.

So, I found this TERRIFIC USA Activity Printable Pack from

My kids were eager to complete one state page each day!

The layout was very clear and easy for them to organize their thoughts from their research.

In case you were wondering, we are HUGE colored pencil fans. We use Crayola Eraseable Colored Pencils with younger kids, and PrismaColor Pencils for older kids with THIS pencil sharpener.   Those vibrant colors from PrismaColor are terrific!!

Adding Music to Our 50 States of the US Study

Sometimes, the timing of things just makes me smile.

About 10 days into our study of the 50 States of the US, I noticed that the kids were getting a little mixed up on the facts about the states we had studied so far.

While I don’t want them to memorize facts like a robot, I do want them to have a solid basic knowledge about the 50 states of the US.

Know the best way to help kids remember facts??

USE SONGS, of course.

And low and behold, look what crossed my Facebook feed that day!

State Songs is on sale for $15
from 2/18/19 – 2/23/19

with coupon code LAUNCHSTATESONGS

It was perfect!

This ecourse is exactly what we needed to help the kids remember all of the facts a little bit better!

Music in our Homeschool has put together a done-for- you music ecourse!

It features both music and facts about each and every of the 50 States of the US!

Anytime we can use music to help us learn, we always seem to remember it better.

(Anyone else remember the Fifty Nifty song from elementary school?)

Music in our Homeschool has compiled songs for each of the 50 states, so everything is all conveniently in one place for you.

This self-paced course is such a time saver, too!

Each unit features one state at a time that shares music and video that teaches kids about each state.

There is even a printable that focuses about what the kids learn from the songs.

You can use it as a stand-alone report, or use it along with USA Activity printable Pack.

Either way the kids can write down what they learn.

AND….. you can put it all together for a custom book that your kids make to remember what they learned about the 50 States of the US!

Sale price just $15 from 2/18/19 – 2/23/19 with coupon code LAUNCHSTATESONGS

Books PLUS Music for the WIN

These books, printable pack and ecourse are the perfect combo for teaching kids about each of the 50 states of the US.

We are having so much fun (and honestly, I am learning more than I remembered from school, too!)

Studying history can be fun and engaging with the right books, fun songs, and pencils and paper!

This is the perfect combo for fun ways to learn about the 50 states of the US!

What are your favorite books about the USA?

What other books have you used to teach your kids about the USA?

Please share with us in the comments!

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      You are so welcome, Ana! We have been using these books for several weeks, and my kids are still excited to use them! Hoo-RAY! 🙂


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