Want the BEST Christmas books for you and your family?

Christmas books invite us into the magic of the season.

And if your family is like ours, Christmas + Books = SWOON.

Reading Christmas books over hot cocoa or while snuggling before bed is a wonderful Christmas tradition.

So….I’ve picked the BEST Christmas books for our favorites list!

Each of these books are special for a different reason, and  I can hardly wait to share our favorites with you!

Auntie Claus is my personal favorite Christmas story.

The vivid illustrations captivate you as the story unfolds about siblings Sophie and Chris Kringle, who live in modern-day New York City. When Sophie decides to stow-away on her aunt’s annual business trip, both Sophie and Chris learn the true meaning of Christmas.

The Jolly Christmas Postman  delivers all of the Christmas magic

When the Jolly Postman delivers Christmas post to fairy tale characters, each character has an envelope that holds the actual letters.

Yes, you read that right!

Your family will delight to open and read all of the letters the Jolly Postman delivers.

This story is so witty and funny. Both kids and adults will appreciate this clever Christmas story!

Olive the Other Reindeer  lets us know that things can go wrong even for Santa himself!

When Olive misunderstands the song lyrics “All of the Other Reindeer” to mean “Olive, the Other Reindeer,” she quickly heads to the North Pole to “help” Santa. Olive shows us that misunderstandings can still work out – especially at Christmastime.

A Baker’s Dozen reminds us that sometimes being exactly right isn’t enough.

When a baker is visited by any old woman on St Nicholas Day, she argues that a dozen is 13, rather than 12.  The baker only gives her 12 cookies, he learns that choosing to be generous is more important that being exactly right.

Night of Los Posadas by Tomie De Poala is a story my kids ask to read every year.

The magic of Christmas comes to help a town celebrate the night of Jesus’ birth – even when illness and snow interrupt their plans.  We love discussing what we think really happened in this sweet story.

An Early American Christmas by Tomie De Poala is a story my kids ask to read every year.

If your kids enjoy pioneer stories like Little House on the Prairie, An Early American Christmas

Cobweb Christmas tells how Santa started the tradition of Christmas tinsel as a gift to a sweet woman.

This German folktale reminds me that all creatures enjoy kindness – especially at Christmas time.

While I do have more favorites to add to this list, I’m always looking to add more Christmas books to our library!

So….tell me – what is your family’s favorite Christmas book that I need to add to this list?

I can hardly wait to read your suggestions!

Until next time…READ ON!

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