Candace Center Stage Review

Candace Cameron Brue is one of our favorite actresses on Hallmark Christmas movies, so we were excited when we found out she wrote a children’s book about character.

The story starts with a little girl sharing how she has always enjoyed dancing her own way and dreamed of performing. However, when she takes ballet lessons, Candace quickly learns that dancing certain steps isn’t easy. After some encouragement from her mom, Candace keeps trying this new way of dancing.

Yet, she has more challenges with unkindness from her classmates.

Still, Candace works hard to get ready for the ballet recital. When the recital day arrives, she isn’t sure she is ready.

In the end, Candace saves the day with her own way of dancing. She also proves to herself and her classmates that you can shine together on center stage.

Our Review of Candace Center Stage

Candace Center Stage was exactly what I hoped it would be.

It is a delightfully light story about a little girl who stays true to herself.

She works hard to achieve her dream while dealing with her own struggles and the unkindness of others.

Candace Cameron Brue did a wonderful job of sending an inspiring message to young children. Even in a picture book, Brue cleverly addressed how her character dealt with:

  • Facing self-doubt
  • Looking to work with others
  • Self-discipline
  • Receiving encouragement from family
  • Helping others when they need it
  • Forgiving someone who has been unkind
  • Reaching your goal

Quite a lot of powerful messages in a picture book, right?

Candace Center Stage Teaching Ideas

Candace Center Stage is an ideal book to read-aloud and discuss with kids.  Since Brue offers multiple messages in her picture book, you can read this book again and again with a different focus for each time you talk about the book.

This is the kind of story where I encourage kids to find “evidence” within the book of the author’s message.

When teach a child to find evidence of an author’s message, sticky notes can be a terrific way to identify “evidence” without damaging the book.

After you have read Candace Center Stage to your kids, choose one of the messages Brue shares in the story. Let the kids know that they are going to be detectives to look for evidence of that specific message as you read the book a second time. The evidence can be in printed words or in the illustrations.

For example, if I wanted to have my kids look for Brue’s message of self-discipline, we would put a sticky note on each page that shows Candace working toward her goal. As the kids find their piece of “evidence,” we talk about why we choose it as evidence.

After reading the story for evidence, we each tell why we think the author wanted to share that particular message in the book. This is such a simple, yet powerful way for kids to make meaningful connections with books.

As for Candace Center Stage, there are so many terrific messages in this picture book, kids will want to read it again and again.

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