Michael Jordan Childhood Biography for Kids

Ideas and Activities for Salt in His Shoes

(Story about Michael Jordan)

Kids love biographies. And Salt in His Shoes is one biography that kids love.

Have you read Salt in His Shoes yet? It’s a childhood story about Michael Jordan, the famous basketball athlete superstar.

This heart-warming story is told by his mother.  She shares how the family supported and encouraged each other to keep working toward their dreams.

We all love watching someone overcome challenges to do great things.

Even Michael Jordan had challenges in his life – even in basketball.


Before you read:

Ready for 3 ideas and activities to use with Salt in His Shoes ?

We will be using…..(drum roll please):

Using Sticky Notes; Reading Responses, Reading Comprehension

Why sticky notes??

Using sticky notes is such a terrific way to help kids connect with books!!

There is something about using sticky notes that gets kids a lot more motivated to get into reading books more. 😉

By the way, you can get tons of sticky note options (color coded!) at Amazon OR Walmart.com with Curbside pick-up (first time user get a $10 coupon here).

Either way, be sure to use ebates.com when you shop online to earn cash back (so you can buy more books, of course!).

While you read:

Salt in His Shoes is a perfect book to help kids understand that reaching goals takes perservance. It also helps kids make the connection that what we believe about ourselves can really be a powerful influence on whether we reach our goals or not.

In these 3 activities, we are using sticky notes to get kids to think about what the characters did in Salt in His Shoes.

1) Char
acter Connection:
Put a sticky note on the character who acts most like you would if you were in this situation.

2) Reflection:
Do you think that putting salt in Michael’s shoes really helped him be a better basketball player?

3) Personal Connection:
What is a goal that you have?
Put a sticky note on the pages that show actions that you could also take to reach your goal.

After you read:

After you do the ideas and activities for Salt in His Shoes,  I would love to hear from you.

Which of these Salt in His Shoes activities are you going to try with your kids?

Have any other ideas of what you can teach with Salt in His Shoes ?

I’ll look forward to reading your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

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